Students Without Borders is a WUSC and CECI program that enables Canadian university and college students to participate in exciting, volunteer learning opportunities in South America, Africa, and Asia.

Malawi, a continuity!

Hi!LM Authenticity My name is Arianne and I have graduated in May 2015, in International Studies and Modern Languages at Laval University in Québec city. Since then, I hadn’t had time to just sit around, oh no! In summer 2015, I did a Quebec Without Boarders internship and I am now about to terminate a 8-months internship as Regional Liaison Officer (RLO) with WUSC.

This summer, I will be a Student Refugee Program intern with WUSC-Malawi and I’ll be supporting the SRP students in their preparation to come to Canada. Click here to know more about this amazing resettlement program! 

During my studies, I got involved with WUSC-Laval and became passionate about the power of education and forced migration issues. After having supported SRP students in Canada as a volunteer and having supported sponsoring groups as a RLO, the SRP internship feels like a continuity. I am pretty excited about going to Malawi and be part of there last steps before they come to Canada.

This internship will be the discovery of a new country (and new continent!), my first experience in a refugee camp, a leap into an unknown culture, a ton of mutual learning opportunities and the encounter of passionated, persevering and resilient people!

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  1. Goliath Banda on March 28, 2016 at 3:04 pm

    Welcom to the warm heart of Africa.We are waiting for you here,
    Bon Vayage.

    Goliath Banda,
    Salima District,