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Author Archive: Martina Mukete

Making lemonade out of lemons!

So this is my 3rd day in Ghana (May 16, 2013) and my experience has been both very exciting and very frightening. We had Twi (Ghanian language) lessons in the morning and it was fun. Today was the last day of our orientation in Ghana and I finally left the other interns at Accra to…

LiFe in the rural parts of Ghana (Fotobi)

Hello everyone, Sure you all remember my post on my very first experience in Fotobi. After my first week in this village, I realized that most of the people living here were very ignorant of the things happening outside Fotobi. The fact that they do not have access to the Internet and limited TVs in…

Ghana Interns for summer 2013!

Hello Hello, Just checking on all my group mates and how you all are preparing for the trip? Cheers, Martina

Ghana here i Come!

Hey everybody, It’s a pleasure to be part of this great group and am looking forward to share exciting and inspiring experiences as we all embark on this journey to the “unknown”. Thanks to my group on Campus, i just purchased a traveling guide handbook for Ghana; which is absolutely interesting. Wish you all the…