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Proof that “Education changes the world”:

As many of you may know, I harbor a deep resentment when it comes to the fact that I never got to wear a cap and gown to my high school graduation. But I decided to put that bitterness aside this week, to enjoy what was, without doubt, the greatest preschool graduation to take place…

The phenomenal Trip to Khutse and how it transformed my experience at the hospice:

The emotional build up for our 5 day staff retreat to Khuste Game Park (in the middle of the Kalahari) was unprecedented. Stories of lions and scorpions consumed every waking second in the week before we left.

In-Country Blog

Well, I’ve been pondering over what to write for this blog, and then I got to thinking that the majority of people reading this will probably be SWB applicants or potential applicants looking for some inside information…So here’s what I’ve uncovered in preparation for my travels and whilst (who says whilst honestly?) being here.

UBC Human Geography student going to Botswana simply to learn

My name is Robyn Plasterer, and I was a Human Geographer long before I declared it my major at UBC. Growing up, I was the kid who watched the World Vision marathon every Sunday morning, and then went to look up featured countries in my father’s atlas. Now as a fourth year bachelor of arts…