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Make your mark on HIV/AIDS

Hey there

Maybe I’m just jumping the gun and haven’t given you enough time to respond, but I am still looking for your comments about the HIV/AIDS issue.

What do you think about these statements?

  • Why help people with HIV/AIDS? If they have it, they probably deserve it. Just let them die.
  • The way to get rid of HIV/AIDS is to employ protective measures such as condoms.
  • Sexual abstinence should be emphasized and is the answer to solving the HIV/AIDS crisis.
  • People need a change in attitude about HIV/AIDS and the way to do this is through education. How does education affect people in different areas (ie: rural vs. urban)? Who should be the educators?

I’m really looking forward to some dialogue. Please use your voice. This is your chance to be heard. We are the leaders of tomorrow and we can start making our mark today.

All the best!