Students Without Borders is a WUSC and CECI program that enables Canadian university and college students to participate in exciting, volunteer learning opportunities in South America, Africa, and Asia.

…As the plot thickens

As the NBA finals play in the background, I sit in my living room trying to find the words that best describe who I am.

Who is Kanishia ? 


Kanishia is a student, studying International Development. I currently attend Humber Collage, and had just finished my third year (which I must say was thee most challenging year by far). I have deep interests in environmental sustainability, disaster risk reduction and  renewable energy.  I can speak English fluently, but it’s the only language I know (laughs). I would describe myself as someone who loves to laugh (but who doesn’t?).  I love food, but I wouldn’t say I am a  “foodie”. I absolutely love to dance, all I need is a good song and I’ll make my own dance floor.


I have accepted the Sector Research and Analysis Officer position in Ghana this summer. I actually officially joined the team, less than a week ago, and my family has 101 questions that I barely have the answers to. I do know that economic development is the main sector  for the Uniterra program and has two sub-sectors of agriculture and construction in Ghana. This is real exciting, not just because its a GREAT opportunity but I am also of Ghanaian decent. For me, I truly get to embrace my culture,my people and hopefully language. I think my family is slightly more excited than I am, which I completely understand.

I chose to do my placement in a developing country, because it will allow me to experience life differently than I would here at home (Toronto, Canada). I want to see how it will be like living outside of my norms, my culture and comfort zone. I also would like to see if I am able to adjust well in a new atmosphere of culture and people. Most importantly, I want to help and work with communities (a cliche, I know) but I really do want to help in anyway, shape or form.

I am unsure what to expect about my location, because it has yet to be determined.

I arrive in Ghana on Sunday, and have my orientation on Monday so I am sure I’ll have a better picture of what is to come.