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Can’t believe I will be spending the summer in Ghana!

March 26, 2015



Hi everyone!

WOW I can’t believe it is just about April, which means about a month (or two?) until departure! I will be going to Ghana as a part of the Sector Research and Analysis team. Currently, I am a third year International Development student at Humber College in Toronto. We have been talking about our internships since day one, wondering where we would all be going and what we would be doing and well, three years flies by! I have to say I am extremely excited to be going to Ghana.

Since graduating high school many years ago, I have been on a journey to figure out what I want to do with my life. I knew university wasn’t for me at that moment so I decided travel was the best option and headed south for Central America. The culture just pulled me in and I fell in love with everything the region has to offer from the food, people, scenery, music and lifestyle. I settled in to a small town in Costa Rica and was never happier. During my time in Costa Rica, I did extensive traveling of the region and countries surrounding it as well as some South American ones. I had this never-ending thirst to know everything I possibly could about the people, ways of life and their thinking. All I could do was fully immerse myself and become a part of it. Life was hard in many ways but not just because of where these communities were but many of the social and economic factors surrounding them. Infrastructure was constantly ruined by heavy rains, water was privatized so at times we would be without water for weeks and required to bathe in rivers, or living long periods without electricity. None of it fazed me and I learned a lot about my limits and myself during the six years I spent living in Costa Rica. They set me on my current path of studying International Development. I want work on building peoples capacities through socio-economic development.

My next stop on the journey is Ghana and I can’t wait. All the research I have been doing just gets me more and more excited. The history and current economic state are extremely motivating and grasp my attention. I know I will come out of this internship with a greater understanding of the field as well as an array of new skills to help me in the future. I am also happy to be finally using some of the techniques and skills I have learned over the past few years and making the most of my education.

I have done a lot of travel in the past so I am familiar with being out of my comfort zone but Africa will be a different ball game. That doesn’t make me nervous, more intrigued and anxious to find out what’s to come and experience all that I can in the few months I will be in Ghana.