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August 18, 2008

I have seen advertisement on my college website regarding this international placement and become interested. I have inquired about the opportunity and discussed with my program coordinator and as a student, I am eligible for financial assistant for the placement period motivated me to apply for the opportunity.

I have heard a lot of thing about African country and this opportunity will lead me to study the socio eco system of the country where I am going to explore my experience and this is one type of change and challenge. This placement will allow me to learn new culture and how to manage with the unknown people.

As Malawi is an agro based economy and being an agriculturist, I can explore my skills for the betterment of the host country as well as good relationship development between Canadian and Malawian society.

My Objectives:
Interested to utilize my experience and skills for agricultural business development activities for Paprika Association of Malawi(PAMA) and Association of Seed Multipliers Action group (ASSMAG) and also help them to generate financial requirements through banking industries by providing expertise knowledge in the areas of agricultural project landing, housing finance, financing to the small scale industries, project management, customer relation management, human relation management, administration of the organization and administration of non performing assets of the industries as well as business development in agriculture, horticulture and other corporate sectored industries.
My Qualifications/Education:-
• Post Diploma in Human Resources Management,Toronto-2008(Centennial College Progress Campus)
• Computerized Accounting & Office Administration Diploma, Toronto-On- 2006(ACCPAC,Simply Accounting, Quick Books Pro and MYOB,MS Office,Word,Excel,Access,Power Point and Outlook)
• Diploma in Landscaping and Gardening,Toronto-Ontario-2005
• Member Ontario Inst., of Agrologists (A.Ag.)Guelph-Ontario-2004
• Diploma in Export Management,India-2002
• Entrepreneurship Development programme,India 1997
• Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management, India-1995
• Post Graduate Diploma in International Trade, India-1994
• Post Graduate Diploma in Industrial Relations & Personnel Management, India-1993
• Bachelor of Law -1990,South Gujarat University, India (Equiv., to Bachelor’s of Law in Canada,(UFT/WES)
• Bachelor-1978 and Master of Science in Agriculture -1981,Gujarat Agri.,University, India (Equiv., to Master’s Degree in Canada, (UFT/WES)

Over and above I am interested to learn and to teach meaning what ever I do not know. I am interested to learn from the people who know better then me and interested to teach whatever I learn during my life and experience achieved from various job postings. I am also interested to utilize all of my above qualifications and skills for the betterment of international citizenship and community development. I always enjoyed working with challenging atmosphere.

Life is a challenge and we have to accept it, and to overcome with victory is my goal.

Mr.Salahuddin Saiyed
Student Without Border
Placement at Malawi

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  1. shannon on August 19, 2008 at 9:53 am

    It seems like you’ve made a well though out decision. I admire people like yourself who are not afraid of change, instead are actually motivated by it. Did you find that Centennial College rounded out your already extensive educational background? What did you like/ dislike about the Human Resources Management program?