Students Without Borders is a WUSC and CECI program that enables Canadian university and college students to participate in exciting, volunteer learning opportunities in South America, Africa, and Asia.

Words from Canada

Hello Readers,

My name is Stéphanie and I am a 20 year old International Development and Globalization student at the University of Ottawa.  Studying an interesting yet controversial subject for 3 years brought me to apply to this great opportunity as I am entering my 4th and last year of undergrad here at the university.  Studying how different countries and communities function and live is hard without witnessing and living it yourself, as it can feel helpless. I am very excited to be heading to Southern Africa in September to the country of Botswana. Though I don’t know much about this country or the small town of Mochudi, the more I read about it, the more I believe I will fall in love with the culture and the people.  I am also trying to prepare myself for all the challenges that will come my way while integrating into this new life.

I will be working with an organisation called Stepping Stone International as a After-School and Peer Education Program Assistant. I am looking forward to getting into to field to take on the challenges that this position might hold.  What I am most looking forward to is working with kids aged 12-18 years old. I’ve always had a love for children. They’re honesty, positive attitude and energy has always reminded me to be a better person. Having a lot of experience with kids living in Canada, I am excited to be able to interact and build relationships with kids in Botswana. I’m hoping to learn a lot from them and help have an influence in their lives.

This trip doesn’t seem realistic to me yet, and probably won’t be until I am on a plane half way across the world. Until then, I will be reading, absorbing and talking about anything Botswana in preparation for this great experience.

Stéphanie Lacroix