Students Without Borders is a WUSC and CECI program that enables Canadian university and college students to participate in exciting, volunteer learning opportunities in South America, Africa, and Asia.

Pre-Departure Excitement: Botswana

March 20, 2015

Hi! My name is Tayo (“Tie-yo”),

I’m a third year student doing a joint Communications and Political Science degree through the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Ottawa. I am an Eastern Canada transplant hailing from Calgary who is an avid lover of people, new experiences, musical theatre, and food in just about every form. I am both honoured and excited to be interning as a Resource Mobilization Officer with the Botswana Substance Abuse Support Network (BOSASNet) in Gaborone, Botswana in the summer months of 2015! BOSASNet is an incredible organization that sets out to provide rehabilitation services for those who deal with substance abuse, as well as educate about and aim to prevent substance abuse in Botswana. As a Resource Mobilization Officer, my central objectives are to help attract and approach donors to be able to diversify funding sources for the organization and build the profile of the organization through different platforms, such as social media.

This opportunity is one that I regard as extremely valuable as it is a great chance for me to put what I’ve learned so far in my classes to practice, but it is also an opportunity for me to get comfortable with being uncomfortable, which to me is the breeding ground for true growth, long lasting change and improvement in character.

With this internship I hope to find success in what I set out to do with BOSASNet, enjoy Botswana as I embrace and celebrate its beauty, people and culture, and enjoy this incredible opportunity I have the privilege of experiencing!

Until next time,


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